Maintenance proved to be an efficient and cost saving tool if security and accounting departments come to the same meeting. Most embassies, companies and larger system owners realized this fact after their systems were in continuous operation for years. Dusty camera lenses, access control firmwares thirsty for updates, new versions of governing softwares to install and launch, expanding number of users to include in time and attendance systems… “all this headache was not clearly explained before!” – a common complaint heard from lot of clients.

In early 2011 Embassy of Australia was decided to employ qualified and reliable service provider partner for the maintenance of the years ago installed BOSCH CCTV system of the Embassy compound in Vientiane. After tendering and set up 3 months probation period for the maintenance, Kerberos earned to sign long term agreement with the Embassy and opened new market segment in the Lao PDR. So far there was no company offering reliable and professional maintenance for security systems and their subsystems – like wirings, surge protection, backups etc.

Such carefully designed and fine tuned systems that BOSCH offers for heavy duty or high security projects are otherwise not difficult to maintain for professionals – even after years of abandoned in operation – they were designed to be indestructible and independent. However updates, some care for cleaning lenses and moving parts in PTZ will be greatly compensated by quality and secured environment.

The new maintenance contract includes not only the BOSCH CCTV system with all details, but further accessories and extensions, also the access control system network of the Embassy.

After the necessary checkup was done only a short list of duties were identified to be done before launching full scale maintenance protocols. The checkup covered all elements from batteries trough wirings until peripherals like camera housings (down to the level of the individual cooling systems in the housing) etc – thanks to the high quality BOSCH system and our professional knowledge the system provides level of performance now just as high as at time of installation.