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Ever since 2006 Kerberos Co. Ltd. constantly evolved to be able to provide it's customers a wide variety of Security related systems and services:


IP Based Network and Analog HD CCTV Systems

From small scale residential installations up to large scale enterprise solutions Kerberos provides professional CCTV Surveillance systems that meet customer demands, and provides installation that meet the highest industry standards. From inexpensive, affordable yet quality equipment, all the way to the industry leading top of the line brands, Kerberos provides the best solution that meets customer demand.

Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional and Addressable

Early detection of fire and smoke is critical to prevent property loss, personal injury, or even death. Kerberos provides easy to use, scalable and reliable Fire Alarm Solutions to assure safety of any property.

Access Control & Time and Attendance Systems

Keypads, Proximity (Card) Readers, Fingerprint Readers

Selective restriction of access to a place in a controlled environment can be challenging, however Kerberos provides easy to use and seamless solutions to achieve this goal. Through simple Keypads and Card Access, all the way to more advanced Fingerprint and Face Detection Systems.

Physical Security

Vault Doors & Strong Room Doors

Protecting a large amount of valuable is a very difficult task, as CCTV and Access Control Systems do not provide sufficient protection against brute force, theft or robbery. This is where Physical Protection comes in to place. Kerberos provides high quality, graded Vault Doors and Strong Room Doors to provide protection against physical attacks.

GPS Tracking

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Operating a large number of vehicles will bear security risks: Misuse of vehicles, Fuel Thefts, Unauthorised usage etc. To identify and prevent such actions, Kerberos provides the most versatile and reliable GPS Vehicle Tracking solution on the Market. Whether it's ten vehicles or a thousand, Kerberos can provide an easy to use, yet scalable fleet management solution to eliminate losses and the risks of mismanaged vehicles.


Graded Safes, Deposit Lockers & Fire Proof Cabinets

Cost effective protection of valuables against brute force requires physical protection. Kerberos provides the highest quality residential and commercial products to protect your valuables from unauthorised personnel, and theft.

Perimeter Protection

Razor Wire, Barriers, Bollards, Fences, Gates

To eliminate the possibility of unauthorized property access, Kerberos provides quality Razor Wire installation around the property's perimeter, thus Protecting the property from theft / robbery attempts. We also provide automated bollard systems, and custom gate manufacturing for unauthorized vehicle access prevention.

People and Baggage screening

Metal detectors, X-Ray Scanners

Fire arms, knives, illegal drugs, explosives pose an increasing threat around the world and Laos is no exception. In most cases, early detection is the key for preventing a disaster from occurring. Kerberos provides solutions for both people and baggage screening to prevent such disasters from happening.

Gate Automation

Sliding and Swing gates

To have better control over vehicle traffic whether it's a company controlled area, or private residence, Kerberos provides quality automatic motors for sliding and swing gates as well as barrier systems, which can be further connected and managed by any access control system.

Maintenance Services

Prolonging systems with care

Professional preventative maintenance is key in prolonging equipment life. Early recognition of issues and the the appropriate measures taken, can prevent damage, breakdowns and outages. Kerberos provides preventative maintenance services for it's installation, and 3rd party systems as well to ensure prolonged lifespan of your systems.

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