We are proud to announce, after supplied security systems to IFC in 2011-2012 (PANASONIC premium CCTV, NESS alarm system etc) Kerberos set extensions for the Security Service contract, hereby earned award and signed a permanent security maintenance agreement with International Finance Corporation for the Vientiane HQ. Within the agreement IFC will be provided with quarterly maintenance for the systems including upgrades, firmware updates, cleanings and settings as per required in continuous cooperation with related departments at IFC. With the maintenance arrangements no breakdown should occur but in case of any event Kerberos technical team will appear in no time to avert the failure and grant operation. The usual support and maintenance services are also included just as the assistance and representation of interests for any security system related event.

The maintenance arrangements include exceptional care for operation of each and every equipment and the network as a whole those have been supplied previously, including also repairs and smaller adjustments if required. Spare parts are available in our Vientiane stock for most cases, however in case involvement of the manufacturer is required Kerberos is to provide appropriate replacement units until the repair is done – therefore the systems are to be always in perfect condition and in non-stop operation.

Today numerous clients enjoy the safe and secure operation and the peace of mind about security systems under coverage of Kerberos maintenance arrangements. We would also make clear, not only Kerberos supplied systems can be maintained by Kerberos – we already took over for maintenance many 3rd party systems in Laos in case after their evaluation they passed the security criteria conditions. In case there is anything to be modified or adjusted on a 3rd party system to make it available for maintenance, we offer options for the solution and perform the works with no delay. Such works are concerning proper cabling, refreshing firmwares or softwares, server room works and electrical surge protection works usually. Thanks to Kerberos great supplier relations in many cases both for Kerberos installations and 3rd party systems a signed maintenance contract means extension of the factory warranty period – usually by one year for technical systems but for some manufacturer and brand extension is available up to 3 years, in case of hardwares (mortises, locks, safes) up to 5 years.

In case your warranty for your security system expired, or you feel unsafe about the operation of your systems, or even in case your system is in error and partially or wholly stopped to perform, do not hesitate to contact our office by today and our team will check and advise about what is to be done to make your security systems back to work as they should be.