The central monitoring contract signed between FINNMAP and Kerberos for 2012 was evaluated and its benefits recognised in terms of prevention, notifications and responses. After short meeting of further adjustments and expansions the contract has been renewed for another term. Under the contract Kerberos supplies wireless alarm systems for staff members and provides monitoring and reporting services inclusive of regular preventive maintenance, support and assistance services as well, in a very new limited liability condition. In case of security related events our technical assistance team arrives to the property within a few minutes and secures the site if necessary until the site itself and the report inclusive of the findings and events can be handed over to the representative.

With this contract renewed Kerberos now manages security of numerous sites in the Lao PDR, where no theft, break in or other security event occurred since the implementation of the integrated security network.

Our monitoring service and its hardware background is continuously upgraded and developing to include the newest technologies and grant even higher protection for our clients. We expanded the central system to be able not only to track but also monitor in real time single vehicles and fleets besides the properties, therefore the monitoring centre is now able to process operational and fleet management tasks centrally as well.

Besides the well known ContactID and other common formats of monitoring communication protocols on single link, we implemented redundant communication network for the cases primary network fails (like landline), so for customers requiring connection to their assets among even the harshest conditions or remote areas, secured GSM link and direct satellite link is also available.