Banque Franco-Lao (BFL Bank) and Kerberos strategic cooperation stepped on a new level this year, as BFL chosen Kerberos as partner to supply and install strongrooms and safes all over the Lao PDR in BFL opening branches. The long term project now arrived to a new phase: after the first wave of safes and strongrooms supplied trough GUNNEBO Singapore HQ from Malaysia and Indonesia factories of CHUBBSAFES products, now the next step follows with new branches and graded world class safes to be delivered and installed in the new banks not only in Vientiane, capital of the Lao People`s Democratic Republic, but also in Luang Prabang, Pakse and other locations.

BFL after careful evaluation of standards and requirements chosen the most trusted certified and graded equipments for the sake of protection from the large supplies of GUNNEBO / CHUBBSAFES, offered exclusively in special package by Kerberos including factory-trained local technical support and all benefits of years long strategic cooperation with the famous brand. Kerberos offered turnkey solution with on-site warranty proof installation, architectural support, and setup, trainings, lifetime support, warranty and maintenance services. The graded strongroom doors are to be installed in close cooperation with architects and construction responsibles for the sake of the defense level established not only at access point but on the full perimeter.

The safes each offers protection not only against burglar attempts but also against fire. Keylocks (KL), and keyless combination locks (KCL) ensure appropriate processes are to be followed at openings, but as of 2012 electronic locks are also available on all models, also for the offered Resolute Safes, in wide setup and selection.

Key features of Resolutes safe family:

Tested in accordance to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS S1037-1989 for a 75 minutes fire rating. The safe comes with a standard internal steel shelf, adjustable at intervals to suit individual customer requirements. Internal drawers are also made of steel and are individually secured by a key lock with keys in duplicate. In order to protect against potential corrosion, all Chubbsafes Resolute models are subjected to a multi stage anti rust cleaning and degreasing process, prior to epoxy priming and high quality polyurethane top coat finishing. This ensures that the products not only provide high grade security but also a top class appearance. Secured by one 3-wheel combination lock listed under UL Group 2, VdS class 2, CEN B, A2P B. Capable of 1,000,000 changes of code. The operation of this lock is simple. The code can be changed easily and security can be maintained over the safe whenever there is a change of staff. The resolutes are additionally secured by one 8-lever double bitted non key retaining Key Lock.

Key features for strongroom doors:

GUNNEBO manufactures a wide range of bank security vault products, including UL listed vault doors and strongroom doors. Constructed from outer and inner plates of tough steel, continuously welded to form a single structure which encloses a layer of barrier material providing protection against attack by high speed drills, explosives, forcing tools and torch. The frames are made from formed steel plates at the sides and top with a flat frame at the bottom. The frame is welded together to form a single structure of uniform strength. The doors are hung on strap centers which are provided with vertical adjustment. The barrier material Chubbsafes F42 is a special Chubbsafes formulated nylon fibre reinforced barrier material resistant to drills, oxyacetylene cutting and jack attack. Emergency doors, grill gates and lightning control are also offered options.