GPS tracking

A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with purpose-designed server software enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location, collecting data in the process from the field and deliver it to the base of operation. Our state of the art vehicle tracking systems uses GPS technology for locating the vehicle. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via a simple website on the Internet.

Application: for Trucks [Commercial Logistic]

You can diminish your costs with easyTRACK system, no matter what kind of transportation or shipping you are doing. In this business the ever increasing fuel prices cause an everyday problem. If you were able to follow the fuel level in your vehicles and their consumption, you could for sure decrease your expenses. Many of the drivers attribute the high fuel consumption to the age of the vehicle, although the extremely high comsumption figures may be the result of inappropriate driving style or even drawing off (stealing) the fuel secretly. Believe it, as soon as a driver becomes aware of his lorry’s consumption being checked and compared with that of another driver’s, he will change his style of driving, which will result in significant decrease of your yearly expenses.

When transporting chilled or frozen food or other goods the temperature of the loading space can be checked by temperature sensors, and the obtainable data statement will clearly show you when and how long the actual temperature values were beyond the given limits.

Have the shipped goods arrived at the consignee scantily? Our system can also be completed with monitoring the loading door. On the interrogated route report you can gather information about the times when the door was in open or shut position.

Application: for Machines

Monitoring and checking the working phases of your machines can make your company more effective. With our supplementary device you can distinguish the different working phases of your machines: when was a particular machine working, running in traffic or just idling. In addition, with integrating a fuel probe you can monitor the fuel consumption of the machine. The downloadable Uptime report contains all the information that help you diminish administration time and costs.

Optimize the effective working time and costs of your machines!

Application: for Cars and Motorbikes

The traditional car alarm systems do not provide appropriate protection for our cars under any circumstances any more. The satellite vehicle protection system affords us more possibilities besides online tracking.

The device has, besides transmitting the signals of the car alarm, its own alarming functions: Moving without ignition, Panic alarm, Battery low. You can get information by calling or/and by SMS if your car is being towed away or the battery is going flat.


Do you know what is GPS?
“Global Positioning System (GPS) technology was designed by the U.S. Department of Defense, and throughout the 1960s and 1970s, it was largely confined to the military. Then in the mid-80s, GPS become available to the private sector for the common good and in 2000 lifted military restrictions on the accuracy of GPS. That action, together with the advent of cost-effective micro processing technology, threw open the door to the development of consumer-based GPS products.
In a single decade, this market has advanced at an astounding rate. GPS tracking technology is used all over the world to enhance mobility, productivity and safety, and it is now a common term found in everyday conversation. We rely on it for all types of applications, usually falling into the areas of locating and positioning, directions and navigation, and timing and delivery.
GPS tracking goes beyond vehicle tracking. It is a superior solution for managing company vehicles and the employees that drive them, collecting evidence on suspected criminals, discovering a spouse’s whereabouts, monitoring teen driving, and protecting assets or people from being taken or getting lost.
GPS tracking is only on the cusp of reaching its full potential. What happens from here, consumers can only imagine; and manufacturers will surely create.”


We offer unique integrated logistic solutions to ensure your success and effectiveness.The basic GPS technology with its supporting developed IT background are together called the Logistic Support Service, that is able to provide you with analysis-ready, actual and real time informations about the stops, route, timing, and also detailed informations about some target assets (break force, acceleration ratio, temperature, weight, fuel etc). The system is tested in many countries and is the result of a continuous developments of the last years. The goal of the service is to increase safety, effective control and monitoring, to defend the drivers, goods, cargo and the vehicle itself against stealth or robbery. The monitoring of the route is ensured hereby offering tailor made informations for statistics and security, or to reply insurance conditions. Immediate action is granted and available in case of malfunction, accident, or even in case the driver`s airsickness.


The included stops, the routes and distances ran are measurable with the routing functions precisely:
– When the engine started?
– When the vehicle reached its stop area?
– How long the vehicle was stopped?
– How many miles / kilometers it runs from starting point?

All these answers will give You detailed informations about the effectiveness of the driver.

– How many hours spent with driving?
– Does the vehicle follow the appropriate route / direction?
– You want to know the reasons of the extra kilometers or non-scheduled stops?
– You want to monitor the fuel costs and usage behavior or simply want to detect high speed driving?

The informations are ready to read and use. The leaving of the agreed route, the reaching OR leaving of a specified area / zone is also detectable immediately. The ability to follow and read your vehicle positions online and in real time is granted by Kerberos EasyTrack. The identification of the route and the positioning itself is possible on the electronic map included in the service. Events can be programmed individually and free, so their happening (or miss) is shown by the system. The stops, routes, actual position, direction, previous routes are to be displayed on the digital map on web surface (internet).

Besides the map and informations there are wide range of installed graphs and statistics to help even the daily analysis, or make survey on past events.


Not only positions but conditions and related events are also measurable.
– How many unloading a dumper truck made?
– How long the pump was running?
– The pressure is increasing or decreasing?
– The temperature in the cargo area of the truck changed?

All these variables are essential for transport, shipping, construction and logistic companies. The industrial averages and monitored real datas are comparable, so deviances and differences are preventable. Events working against effectiveness are detectable and can be disabled hereby decreasing the amount of a huge hidden costs. The events described by the client to monitor (door opening, leaving of an area, temperature changes etc) will generate visual and sound alarms as required, so immediate reaction is granted. Other functions like the temperature monitoring are also part of security procedures: for instance monitoring and backing up the temperature of the cargo area are nowadays expected of refrigerator trucks.


By the combined use of the most developed communication technology solutions integrated to the GPS positioning technology not only the tracking of the vehicle will be possible, but the system is able to send informations to our monitoring center about some physical parameters of the car hereby granting you the feeling of security you never felt before – even when you are far from the wheel.

In case connected alarm system is installed in your vehicle, alarm events will immediately make Kerberos EasyTrack system to locate the vehicle, tracking it continuously, and in the same time to display position, direction, speed etc. on the screens of our 24/7 monitoring center. Our dispatchers and technicians are able to react immediately and effectively following the informations / guidelines stored in our main server, representing the conditions of the service contract signed.

When the vehicle gets into trouble, gets stolen or the passengers need help or assistance, the appropriate informations will be forwarded to our 24/7 monitoring center, where trained Kerberos personnel will do the required actions for the sake of safety / security of the vehicle, its passengers and their valuables.

The installed hardware is non-stop tracking, backing up and sending positions with the help of the GPS satellites, and besides that is able to identify the driver with a wide range of routines available. In case of an alarm event in the vehicle (theft, robbery, panic signal, unauthorized use, etc) the unit is sending the alarm informations to the 24/7 monitoring center of Kerberos Security via the included SIM card – including position and description of alarm event. The dispatchers on duty in our 24/7 monitoring center are immediately do the required arrangements clearly described in our database.

The arrangements can be quiet diverse depending on what kind of event happened or what service package you are subscribed to. Vehicle under theft event will be located and checked by authorized patrol team at position. At moving vehicles or robbery events local police forces will be involved in the tracking and pursuit. In all situations the system has the ability to remotely block the engine of the concerned vehicle – naturally in case of a moving vehicle this action can only be performed in a closely controlled situation (for instance at red traffic light, etc – to ensure safety of surrounding traffic and protect the vehicle, help capturing). There is also the possibility to launch arrangements in case the vehicle is under the event of theft by dragging or lifting method – so without starting its engine. Panic signals will launch police action, traffic accident events also can be linked to ambulance as well.

Numerous supplementary assets are available those are mostly designed to increase safety and comfortability of our clients. The identification of the driver is possible by key, PIN code, or card, diverse parts of the vehicle are protectable (hood, engine room and trunk). In case the client wishes the 24/7 monitoring center can send automatic SMS text message to appointed mobile number(s) about the alarm events. Service assistance is available to handle system-reported malfunctions in the vehicle.


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