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Starting early 2008 Kerberos started to import developed mortises, cylinders and different purpose locking devices to the lao PDR directly from European factories and manufacturers to ensure being the first on market with certified and best quality products when demand appears. Ever since our cooperation and ties became stronger with our partners, manufacturer and owner of the famous ELZETT brand: EURO ELZETT, member of the SECURIDEV Group and also with the well known manufacturer and supplier for hotel lock products ORBITA. Today numerous sites and installations prove the quality and long lasting functionality of the devices offered, some of them has 10 years of factory warranty (!) and like that offer exceptional level of security and safety in any region and for any purpose just as worldwide as within the Lao PDR. Many of our customers (for example Phu Bia Mining, the World Bank and many more) voted trust for the brands represented and use the devices without any quality complaint ever since their installation – even some of them are working among the harshest operation conditions in the Asia Pacific region.

Our main product portfolio:

Security rated certified mortises, single and multi point locks

In case security and protection of an access point is a concern, doors and frames must be carefully selected, properly installed, and once these conditions are present quality precision mortises and locking devices can enhance the functionality and security of the concerned access point. Check out our mortise brochure here, the available single and multi point locking devices here.

Security rated certified profile cylinders with master key systems

Profile cylinders represent enhanced level of security, mostly applied on sites and offices where electronic access controls and topology does not offer the required level of security. When this occurs developed multi level programmable profile cylinders are the proper tool to implement. You can read more about Kerberos offered profile cylinders here, and about the available multi level programmable master keyed systems here.

Rated and certified panic lock devices

Opening and securing a fire exit or an emergency exit is a challenge at many sites. The door must be easily and freely openable from the inside in case of emergency or fire, however the same door should not provide free access for intrusion from the outside. For these type of access points we have the most developed solutions in the Lao PDR, kindly check the brochures for fire door locks here and for panic locks here.

See also our case study about a local programmable profile cylinder installation project for Phu Bia mining here.

Hotel lock systems

Kerberos offers developed mechanic and electronic hotel lock systems of the newest technologies: RFID based or even biometric integrated office and hotel lock networks with extensions to housekeeping, reception or building maintenance departments, supplied installed and set up together with the belonging software background and all extensions and accessories, and compatibility with the most recognized hotel management softwares (like MICROS Fidelio and others) or building management systems.

Naturally just as for any solutions Kerberos offers its state of the art maintenance and after sales services, together with warranty, support and assistance for any of the mentioned systems.


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