Gate automation

FAACKerberos together with FAAC well respected manufacturer of gate and traffic systems appeared together on local market and ever since we work exclusively with each other on any project in this scope.

Kerberos supplies complete traffic management and gate systems including their design, installation, maintenance and warranty services since 2008 in Lao PDR. There are numerous references around Vientiane and in the larger cities, those are operating ever since continuously, some passed by the 500K opening events already without any complaint or malfunctions.

Sliding operators:

Sliding gate operators are available in multiple designs and purpose. For larger breakthrough proof gates (like the ones at embassies) Kerberos installed 3 phase motors that grants dynamical opening and closure even for reinforced steel gates over 3-4 tons. For smaller gates and homes the standard 220-230 VAC motors are greatly applicable also available in different designs according to purpose, tasks and environment.


Swing leaf operators:

Wherever sliding gates are not applicable or the design is set, or for authentic gates where the given gate style is not to be changed swinging gate operators are the best solution for automation. There are multiple standards to apply them, also sometimes hiddenautomation is requested. For visible installation the standard swinging operator pairs are offered, for special demand we can install axis operators even hidden. Before installing a swinging gate or even after if required Kerberos conducts architectural tests to make sure pillars are well reinforced and will be able to bear the weight of the gate and operators together.


Hanged or suspended gate versions, rail-sliders, or special designs are also available at Kerberos together with manufacturing and installation naturally both in sliding or swinging single and double style.

Accessories, installations:

Naturally Kerberos supplies all extensions and accessories, barriers, lights, IR beams, wirings and surge protection, proper operator environment etc. We have care for our external parts by application of IP or even IK rated fixings for weather or vandal/impact resistance. We also offer extended warranty for our installation, and regular maintenance services after that. After handing over an installation we make sure operators and employees are well trained and familiar with the environment for working together efficiently.

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