Fleet Management

More and more company recognizes the importance of ease the handling of their vehicle fleet by install the digital tracking system. By the support of the Kerberos “EasyTrack” supported fleet tracking system, the function of the vehicle fleet will be controllable, and it will be possible to lower it’s running-, and fuel expenses and more.

Not only the accurate localization of the vehicle will be available, but you will be able to measure the distance traveled, fuel consumption, and the number of working-hours together with further important informations and details – most of the  informations are accessible immediately in real time via online connection to the fleet account and its user friendly interface.

With the engagement of the Kerberos – EasyTrack fleet management system you will be able to extinguish irregular usage of vehicles, and it will be possible to follow the whole workflow, and the related expenses. The number of installed EasyTrack systems is increasing at companies, who are aware of their outgoing expenses, so they can manage, monitor and control their labour, and vehicle fleet. With the installation of the fleet management system, you will be able to track down the movement of your vehicle fleet, the consumption of the vehicle, and it’s function, and the administrative tasks of the employer working with the vehicle. Our goal is to make sure, that the companies with vehicle fleet, could get the necessary information to run and control their fleets more effectively.

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