Perimeter defense


During execution of construction projects in early 2006-2007 we met demand for reinforced perimeter defense utilities and systems. From 2010 as part of Kerberos special construction services we offer special designs, different structures, protective wires, fences also bulletproof solutions for enhanced perimeter protection:


We added special security conditions to our great architect staff capacities, hereby while building any structure we can provide extra care to meet standards of any security demand. We supply and establish

  • reinforced walls, physical structures, counters, cashier rooms, secured receptions
  • barriers, swinging and sliding gates, gate and door automation, turnstiles
  • traffic lights, signs, descriptions
  • IR and photoelectronic equipments
  • rated windows and doors, frames, locks, master key systems, handlers
  • special graded glasses, UL listed glasses for bulletproof or vandal resistant installations
  • graded UL listed vaults, safety deposit lockers and safety rooms
  • checkpoints, mantraps (MIT), isolation rooms, cells, interrogation rooms
  • scanners and detectors, baggage processing and inspection rooms, queue systems, PA systems
  • communications and electricity
  • backup systems for IT, communications and electricity
  • emergency structures, signs
  • emergency exits, panic lock systems, fire doors, escape routes, fire staircases
  • sprinkler systems (coming soon!)
  • extinguishers, fire hose
  • isolated, access proof cabling and wirings
  • full tampers protected networks
  • poles, brackets, fences, wire mesh, mobile fencing, razor and barbed wires
  • equipments remote monitoring
  • guardhouses, watchtowers, special duty structures
  • explosive resistant technologies
  • solar panels and backups, standalone solar equipments and sensors
  • security lights, searchlights, strobes
  • guard patrol routes
  • electric fences

Barbed Wire

  • Wire Materials: Galvanized steel wire, PVC coated iron wire in blue, green, yellow and other colors.
  • General Use: Barbed wire mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railways, highways etc.

Razor Wire

  • Wire Materials: Razor wire made of galvanized wire or stainless steel wire offers great security to buildings and sites. We offer razor wire in straight or concertina types. Different sizes and blade types are available.
  • General Use: High secured perimeters, jails, military or government properties, embassies, borders, secured checkpoints

Galvanized Iron Wire

Galvanized steel wire, also referred as electric galvanized steel wire, or galvanized iron wire. Galvanized wire can be further divided to: electro galvanized iron wire and hot-dipped galvanized iron wire. Electro galvanized iron wire and hot-dipped galvanized iron wire are mainly used for weaving of fencing mesh, iron wire in construction and other application.

PVC Coated Wire and PVC Wire Mesh

We offer PVC coated wire and PVC coated wire mesh for customers. PVC Coated Wire is manufactured with quality iron wire. Common colors available for PVC coated wire are green and black. Other colors also available on request.

PVC Coated Wire Application: The most popular use for PVC coated wire is in the construction of chain link fences for industrial security fences, freeways and tennis courts. It is also used in other applications such as coat hangers and handles. PVC coated wire mesh mainly serves as fencing wire mesh.

Stainless Steel Wire

Materials for Stainless Steel Fine Wire: 304,304L, 316, 316L Wire Diameter: 5mm to 0.025mm Applications: Stainless steel wire is used in wire-drawing, weaving of wire mesh, soft pipe, beam of cabinet, steel wire rope, filter material and equipment, spring, etc.

Galvanized and stainless and PVC coated Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Expanded Plate Mesh

Expanded Metal Mesh Variety:

Opening in the shape of diamond, hexagonal or special shape, small, medium and heavy expanded metal mesh types are available:

  • expanded aluminum mesh,
  • expanded platinum filtration mesh,
  • expanded brass mesh,
  • expanded copper mesh,
  • expanded stainless steel mesh,
  • expanded nickel mesh.

Use: Used with concrete in buildings and construction, maintenance of equipments, arts and crafts, covering screen for first class sound case. Also provides fencing for highways, motorways. Heavy expanded metal can be used as step mesh of oil tanks, working platform, corridor and walking road for heavy model equipment, boiler, petroleum and mine well, vehicles, ships. Also serves as reinforcing structure in construction, with great use at railways and bridges.

Sizes: Long way of mesh: TB:12.5-200mm Short way of mesh: 5-80mm Thickness: d: 0.5-8mm Expanded metal mesh at length from 600-4000mm and withdraw 600-2000mm

Galvanized Square Wire Mesh

  • Square Woven Wire Mesh, Hot-dipped galvanized after weaving
  • Square Woven Wire Mesh, Hot-dipped galvanized before weaving
  • Square Woven Wire Mesh, Electro galvanized after weaving
  • Square Woven Wire Mesh, Electro galvanized before weaving

 Wire Mesh Fences

Property: Our mesh fence products got treatments for corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance. Forms of corrosion resistance for mesh fencing products include electric galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, PVC sprayed coating and PVC dipped coating.

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