Security construction

Vaults, safety deposit lockers, mantrap entrances and checkpoints, access buildings, guard posts, vehicle blockers, reinforced fence structures, reinforced concrete structures – just some of the successful construction projects of Kerberos Co. Ltd. in the Lao PDR. We also earned award to establish sensitive parts of bilateral projects where increased architecture and engineering integration was combined with security principles like the Nongteng feed mill construction, the hungarian slaughter house construction in Vientiane, or numerous hydropower projects in the Lao PDR. Speciality of those besides security are respecting strict deadlines, quality measures and international standards.

Kerberos played important roles not only as main contractor for the mentioned projects, but also appeared at design phase with important inputs about inspected local conditions, took part in selection and evaluation of possible subcontractors, architects, engineers and human resources, set up and controlled different phases of construction, scheduled works, all these over borders and across many professions for the sake of security, confidentiality and for fulfillment of appropriate quality requirements.

Security construction is mostly implemented at critical infrastructures, where visibility, continuous operation, quality control and controlling of the facility and its visitors, employees are key important elements. The most important and requested projects within security construction involved:

  • Climb proof fencing systems for embassy mantrap access points
  • Guard posts for penitentiaries, military sites and diplomatic entities
  • Entrance buildings with bullet- and explosion proof perimeters including bulletproof windows and doors
  • Vehicle entrances with vehicle blockers
  • Intrusion proof reinforced concrete structures and fences for diplomatic facilities
  • Vaults for banks and cash count stations
  • Cash depository rooms and buildings for casinos
  • Depo station for high value mining resources (gold, silver, platinum, gems)
  • Panic rooms
  • Border checkpoint station
  • and many more


Architecture and establishment of some of the mentioned project might be executable by any construction company in some cases, however the chance of leaking structural base informations can easily eliminate the benefits offered by such structures. Kerberos can make sure the documents, designs and informations are never disposed to 3rd party and grants confidentiality for the project from start to handover. There is an additional feature of controlling subcontractors and suppliers to do so or in case its not feasible Kerberos established own procedures to hermetically close out any 3rd party from obtaining informations about the establishment details itself even while working on it.


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