Kerberos very first product line introduced on the newly opened Lao Security Marketplace was developed IP and Analog CCTV systems and solutions. Since 2006 our product portfolio expanded and become more detailed, to answer all kind of demands we met so far. Hereby we established different packages and system layouts for:

  • small businesses, shops and offices
  • homes
  • industrial facilities, factories, warehouses
  • banks
  • critical infrastructures, power plants, hydropower projects
  • diplomatic and government entities
  • road surveillance, border stations and borderline monitoring
  • vehicle surveillance
  • hobby and entertainment
  • integrated solutions for each of mentioned

We also worked out economic CCTV packages for homes and small offices, please check them out here.

Our systems installed are everywhere individually designed and engineered for the location and client requirements. We developed wireless transmission, fiber optic installations, developed analog networks with IT integration, highly detailed IP systems and much more – according to specifications,  answering efficiently also international standards and regulations. Our main partner for developed quality CCTV surveillance is BOSCH security systems.


Kerberos never acted as a plain reseller or trader for any of the represented brands – We are standing by our clients in operation, development, expansion projects, smaller modifications, support&maintenance, after sales and warranty services. Once you vote trust to our solutions you never will be left alone with your system – we are also assisting with best practices for the surrounding departments and technical environment from IT to building maintenance as rarely there is an event we not met before.

Most of our competitors already feel the impact of the lack of their care or engineering capacities: calculating distant camera locations, offering best wirings and amplifiers, clean up signal interference sources, isolation and prevention against pesticides and weather conditions are key elements of our designs beside many others. Most of our clients experienced the value of this care when the sole and only system in operation at the property was the security system installed by Kerberos, independently form water level within the server room or when even the main backup generator failed to take over power supply tasks, but we also had to change 3rd party CCTV system not protected appropriately against surge – it is always sad to see when an expensively purchased camera or DVR turns into a cup of ash and black burned circuits boards, with a melted blind lens. We are aware its better to invest a bit more care for protection and prevention instead of purchasing a complete new system at the end of each rainy season.

Our systems are comprehensive with any electric environment and we supply equally low voltage units (12-14 VAC) just as 110 – 230 VAC equipments. We have explosion and vandal proof housings, climb proof camera poles, hidden and tampers proof wiring solutions and more to offer for those looking for systems to perform among extreme conditions.

  • We offer authentication for banks and other entities those must ensure validity of a certain record.
  • We have expansion possibilities wherever we must work in a continuously changing and growing site.
  • We can establish remote surveillance for remote sites, even to integrate to your mobile device as a display for any of the cameras.
  • And much more…

In case you need a well performing and trustable CCTV system, do not hesitate to contact us today for a complimentary site visit and offer – you will find more options those can be detailed later on, will respect budgets or offer higher quality or extra features.

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