Access control maintenance


Without maintenance even the most effective access control systems will deteriorate. In businesses and the public sector, it is required that checks are made to verify the effectiveness of equipment, (for instance barriers, sensors, devices and fittings), to guarantee safe emergency evacuation. And for legal and corporate reasons, the security of personal data held on cards must be safeguarded.

One-off call outs to repair your access control system

We recommend customers to have a regular maintenance visit from one of our qualified engineers. But if you don’t want to commit to a maintenance contract for your access control system, you can request an engineer visit for a one-off call-out fee. Depending on the system and the problem, this is usually USD 100 for a home entry system and USD 200 for a commercial system.

Annual maintenance packages for complete servicing

Kerberos Security engineers can maintain equipment that we have installed as well as taking over the maintenance of existing systems, ensuring that your access control functions effectively and issues and faults are pre-empted. As a contract customer, you are also be guaranteed a maximum 4-hour response to emergency calls.

We have 3 maintenance packages – Gold, Silver and Bronze – so you can choose the level of maintenance best for your specific requirements:

If you have a maintenance issue, our experienced, award-winning engineers can be with you within a few hours of you calling. Their high levels of technical expertise reflect the value we put on customer care and you can be confident that all our work will be completed quickly and professionally.

So get in touch with us to discuss your maintenance requirements and we will help you decide on the best package for you. We can even work with you to provide bespoke access control maintenance if you have specific service levels which need to be met.

Access Control / Time and Attendance maintenance service include:

  1. Check history of Access Control System since last maintenance visit.
  2. Access Control Devices (Keypad, Proximity or Biometric Reader).
  3. Locking Method (ME locks, Shear-lock, Solenoid Bolt or Electric Release).
  4. Power Supply (Back-up Batteries).
  5. Mechanical Operator (Handle Thumb Turn).
  6. Electronic Accessories (Push to Exit, Emergency Break Glass).
  7. Network Connector between Door Controllers (where applicable).
  8. Event History/Data Log (where applicable).

What`s included

* our cat I maintenance package is only available on systems installed, evaluated or upgraded by Kerberos Security in the past 3 years


Exclusions Under Maintenance Cover:

All calls resulting from damage/misuse of System. Equipment out of warranty. Hardware i.e. Door Closers, Hinges, Locks etc … Network faults over IP.IT Networks Client WAN/LAN.

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