Project management

Kerberos efficiently managed diverse projects from fields of security, agriculture, construction, trade, local representation or administration but also cooperates in larger scale complex and long term development projects as a bilateral government project for instance.

Key elements and capabilities we can add to any kind of task are:

  • local presence and knowledge built and continuously developed since 2006
  • greatly established, functional and actual network
  • professional inputs from engineering trough architecture and administration to specific professions like construction or forestry / agriculture and many others
  • local office and presence, good reputation
  • legal entity
  • banking, financial, taxation history, references and recommendations
  • overview of local assets, infrastructure and best practices
  • proper administration
  • permits and authorizations
  • legal background, administrative presence
  • a dedicated human resource
  • financial stability and transparent accounting
  • investor relations
  • multitasking opportunities

We assisted numerous projects and firms to establish their capacities and presence locally or in the region, and we were always recognized professional and competitive and our cooperation was always judged and valued over expectations. Our appearance in any project compared to self exploration and establishment is infinitely more cost- time- and result efficient. Thanks to our most important principle – we aim partnership in any project – we enjoy the benefits of a successful attempt on long term, hereby spreading our and our partners` good reputation in an increased network.

For more informations about what we can add or where you can count on us, please not hesitate to contact our head office in Vientiane! We look forward for new challenges and projects at any time!

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