The mission of Kerberos Security Systems is to stand in distinction as our client’s strategic partner for security. Kerberos is wholly dedicated to individually tailored strategies that employ a carefully chosen mix of services and products to create the utility needed and desired by our clients. We are building and maintaining relationships by delivering solutions.

At Kerberos, we understand that our people are the heart of our ability to serve our clients fully and appropriately and to act as good corporate citizens. We empower our associates with training, involvement, recognition, reward, respect and advancement opportunities. The central core value of the organization is to focus the entire ethical and intellectual capability of the organization on our clients; the focus is achieved through the efforts of our people. Kerberos will continue to lead the industry in providing temporary and permanent security for construction and commercial properties.

Kerberos Security Systems Co. Ltd. established in 2006 – to bring new service and technology into Laos – by a group of investors and managers, security and military experts. Their civil and military experience around the world – Europe, South America, Africa and Asia – offers Kerberos a strong edge in terms of know-how and service.

Since 2008, Kerberos Co. Ltd. joined forces with AHEAD Indochina Ltd., an official partner of the Government of Hungary. This connection to the European Union expanded the possibilities and services Kerberos could offer to the Lao Government, citizens, foreign missions and companies based in Laos.

What we do

We provide Lao and Lao-based customers with a wide range of products and services, including security construction, security supervision and design, security consulting, system integration and related fields.

Security supervision and design

The basics of security start with architectural design. Kerberos offers professional assistance to architects to meet rigorous international standards with special regards to the secure construction methods and technologies – involving also Kerberos own architect department. Our services include architectural and technical drawings, technical specification descriptions, system integration plans, supervision and evaluation of 3rd party companies (suppliers, installers). As the installation of numerous security solutions requires engineering assistance or architectural (re)planning, we decided to offer all preparation tasks in one bucket: Our security experts, architects and engineer team are continuously monitoring all related processes according to the standards. These processes and tasks are carefully planned in advance and – just as bricks – supplement each other during the execution, hereby granting a cost effective, fast and professional construction project meeting all security requirements.

Security construction

Kerberos Co. Ltd. as partner of Lao-Hungarian Invest Union Co. Ltd. provides construction services, specialized on high securi

typrojects: Banks, Embassies, Government Buildings etc. All construction projects are involving high quality and well experienced architecture resources and HR from the EU, those are working in team with local expert engineers and architects in the Lao PDR. Their symbiotic cooperation does not only result the fulfillment of the highest quality standards but also helps architects and engineers working far from each other to exchange their experiences and know-how while establishing the project.

The continuous consultation with the customers and officials are granting a tailor made and comfortable way of design and construction, where the overall judge is always the customer. The main advantage of the security supervised architecture is the ability to work effectively with integrated systems in a complex timeframe – where different professions must follow strict time schedules and finance plans. Where for instance installed security equipments are consuming electricity – the electric engineering, designs and the installation itself must also be secured, hereby following security standards, just as the supervision and monitoring of any traffic, access or alarm system later on. Our response on the challenge of complexity of security architecture and construction is our well managed teamwork of construction, security and architect officials and experts for the sake of the highest security level achievable. Some of our references established in the Lao PDR:

  • Embassy of France Security Checkpoint Building with Bulletproof Perimeter design (GUNNEBO) and construction, integrated CCTV, access control and communication systems.
  • Lao Hungarian Agricultural Tide Aid Loan projects: Food mill, Farms, Slaughter houses, Stations – architectural designs and advisory, supervision and construction as main contractor.
  • Warehouse construction and perimeter security for Investunion Co Ltd.: security design and advisory, supplying perimeter defenses, access controls and CCTV.
  • Embassy of the USA mantrap fencing and checkpoint security constructions: Vehicle passes, barriers and gates, guard houses, vehicle controls and blocks, traffic management.The above process of management and the disposable qualified HR were so far key elements of our successful projects. Careful planning and scheduling, cost sensitive approach and a multi-lingual professional environment are the right tools for any complex and security based planning and construction.

Security consulting


Although enjoying the status one of the safest countries in the region, steady economic and urban growth has increased the country’s demand for security and safety. This is natural as we experienced the same situation in many regions of the world: Eastern Europe such as Hungary, Ex Yugoslavia, Bulgaria in early 1990s, and Africa such as Angola in 2000s. With such understanding in mind, Kerberos has more than six years working with local authorities and governments in Asia, Europe, and South America to develop its expertise to provide appropriate advice to any type of security needs. This experience and the monitoring of developed security solutions both serving our consulting team to respect all details of any inquiry. Our consulting service is the most useful tool to identify risks and threats, involving site visits, consultations, advisory, localization etc. also we are in position to allocate and offer more solutions, systems fulfilling all criteria of the client.

Security Systems and Integration

In addition to security construction and consulting, we provide customers with comprehensive security solutions, including:

  • Perimeter protection, fence systems, gates and barriers
  • Access Control, Time & Attendance and identification management
  • Local and remote video surveillance (CCTV) by analog and high resolution digital (IP) systems
  • Intrusion detection and alarm systems
  • Building automation for gates, access points, block systems, traffic management
  • Fire Alarm Systems and extinguishers, fire proof treatment of paper, wood etc
  • Internal communication systems (intercoms), and related IT and telecommunication solutions
  • External communication systems for GSM, landline and radio based transmission, transmitters, pagers
  • Special construction, explosion and bullet proof (ballistic) systems
  • Vault equipment supply and construction
  • Safes and fire-proof cabinets for paper documents and for IT media
  • Locks and lock accessories, master key systems, combination locks, time locks
  • Checkpoints, Secured access points
  • Metal detectors, X-ray scanners, form hand-held to walk-trough solutions, baggage inspection tools
  • Measuring units and tools (dosimeters, chemical detectors, drug/explosive detectors and other precise safety / security devices)
  • Special equipments for military / police (military, crowd / riot control and other special police/military/state security tools and systems)
  • Vehicle monitoring systems and protection, GPS tracking and fleet management with related sensors, equipments and units
  • Remote and Central Monitoring of alarm systems or conditions of any other asset (generators, cooling houses, pumps, etc) including dispatch services, reporting, notification

Security Services

Kerberos Co. Ltd. developed turnkey service solutions for new-coming challenges in the developing country. The most reliable suppliers from around the world, our common references and key professionals are granting a service and customer care stand alone in the region. Our continuously developing locally offered and hosted services are:

  • GPS based vehicle tracking systems and equipments
  • Fleet management
  • Central Alarm Monitoring system with Vientiane based monitoring center
  • Event security and checkpoints
  • Risk management
  • Project management
  • Security consulting
  • Security and general maintenance and support services
  • Construction

Our References and projects:

Kerberos built and managed hundreds of projects since its opening in 2006. For a list of our public references kindly click here or obtain further informations by contacting our office directly.


Our suppliers

To ensure efficient solutions to customers, we only choose well-known manufacturers of specialized products. In Laos we are sole distributor, authorized dealer or value added reseller of the following famous brands:


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