Special constructions

Kerberos Co. Ltd. provides special and security construction services, specialized on high security projects: Banks, Embassies, Government Buildings etc. We have experiences and professional staff to establish mantraps, vaults, secured checkpoint buildings, bulletproof security perimeters, security fences, gates and other structures. All construction projects are involving high quality and well experienced architecture resources and HR from the EU, those are working in team with local expert engineers and architects in the Lao PDR. Their symbiotic cooperation does not only result the fulfillment of the highest quality standards but also helps architects and engineers working far from each other to exchange their experiences and know-how while establishing the project.

The continuous consultation with the customers and officials are granting a tailor made and comfortable way of design and construction,where the overall judge is always the customer. The main advantage of the security supervised architecture is the ability to work effectively with integrated systems in a complex timeframe – where different professions must follow strict time schedules and finance plans. Where for instance installed security equipments are consuming electricity – the electric engineering, designs and the installation itself must also be secured, hereby following security standards, just as the supervision and monitoring of any traffic, access or alarm system later on. Our response on the challenge of complexity of security architecture and construction is our well managed teamwork of construction, security and architect officials and experts for the sake of the highest security level achievable. Some of our references established in the Lao PDR:

  • Embassy of France Security Checkpoint Building with Bulletproof Perimeter design (GUNNEBO) and construction, integrated CCTV, access control and communication systems.
  • Lao Hungarian Agricultural Tide Aid Loan projects: Food mill, Farms, Slaughter houses, Stations – architectural designs and advisory, supervision and construction as main contractor.
  • Warehouse construction and perimeter security for Investunion Co Ltd.: security design and advisory, supplying perimeter defenses, access controls and CCTV.
  • Embassy of the USA mantrap fencing and checkpoint security constructions: Vehicle passes, barriers and gates, guard houses, vehicle controls and blocks, traffic management.
  • and more.

The above process of management and the disposable qualified HR were so far key elements of our successful projects. Careful planning and scheduling, cost sensitive approach and a multi-lingual professional environment are the right tools for any complex and security based planning and construction. You also may find more informations of Kerberos high security construction projects and methodology here.

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