New version of Building Integration System from Bosch

Bosch Security Systems introduces a number of updates to its Building Integration System (BIS). The new version increases the range of supported devices, making it suitable for even the most complex integration projects.

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Analog CCTV wiring repairs in Laos by Kerberos

Kerberos Repair Services

repairs & maintenance

Kerberos got many calls in the past months to supply new CCTV system or  to fix an existing 3rd party system as owners were not satisfied with the quality of the footages recorded. It must be mentioned hereby sometimes CCTV footages are to be processed together with a police report of a criminal event, but are often rejected by the authorities due to the low quality – they are absolutely not suitable for the recognition of a perpetrator for example.

After the careful inspection in most cases Kerberos did not immediately attempted to sell a new system but could confirm the CCTV system itself had no significant malfunction besides some settings or firmware upgrade needs – the problem is usually hidden in the wiring networks of the CCTV.

In most cases previous installers used UTP cables for the analog system to spare some budget – which in normal cases is a feasible process if performed appropriately. If there is an appropriate signal conversion and – in case needed – reversion (analog – digital – analog) is performed, some of the equipments shown on the picture below should be installed in specific points of the network.


signal treatment equipments

Unfortunately in most cases the unshielded pairs of the UTP cables – or in worse case a plain telephone line – were just blanked and fixed to camera signal outputs and power connections with the intention to transmit analog signals right next to the power line in a non isolated environment – which is a strongly inadequate attempt. Analog signals should be converted under isolated conditions from analog to digital signal and only then they can travel trough the UTP or fiber network undisturbed. However still in case of a developed camera the features are lost in all cases (face recognition, movement detection, 2 way audio etc) unless each communication feature is upgraded accordingly.

After Kerberos performed many signal upgrades or proper re-wirings the systems (even budget installations) achieved significant quality increase in all cases. Please check out one of our performed re-wiring project and the results: to the left the footage before the change, to the right with the proper network after the re-wiring was done. The system concerned on this picture was an analog CCTV system, the camera is an analog CCD chipset equipment originally set for 420 TVL performance output – a camera working already for 6 years!

analog CCTV - UTP vs KOAX

simple before / after photos taken of the display

In other cases just the proper isolation conduits were missing or harmed, sometimes BNC connection were to be cleaned or changed – in one world nothing that would require the complete change of an otherwise well performing CCTV system – even if it is a low budget brand or 3rd party system.

We would also raise hereby the attention of the clients to pay some attention to the topology of the systems offered: in Kerberos quotations we always list all the equipments and wire types to be used in the BOQ and in case required we also explain in details what and why we recommend to do and perform as described. The reasons we perform our works like that can be found in our list of references: we have installations working and performing just as a new system since 6-7 years. We need no better proof.

In case you are not sure your system design is appropriate and answering standards, send it to us and in exchange of a small survey fee we evaluate your system offers and support you in the selection process.

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