New version of Building Integration System from Bosch

Bosch Security Systems introduces a number of updates to its Building Integration System (BIS). The new version increases the range of supported devices, making it suitable for even the most complex integration projects.

Multi-biometric technology, dual-finger & face recognition

D-Station’s Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology™ is a perfect blend of fingerprint and face recognition technologies which delivers incredible matching accuracy and speed ...

Where are your vehicles now?

Our state of the art vehicle tracking systems uses GPS technology for locating the vehicle. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via a simple website on the Internet...


Monitoring for professionals: Kerberos integrations earned respect from Europe

Remote monitoring of systems is a well known tool of security solutions – however the service itself is always ready for extensions and development. Whenever a new system to be monitored is met, or an individual demand is identified engineering tasks and careful design is essential. All these and more is available at Kerberos.

Precisely set up local monitoring systems are key elements for the appropriate production in any industry. What is the appropriate temperature of the chemicals processed? How many parts must go trough the quality control process a day? Is the supplier delivered raw materials appropriately? Where my alarm system was triggered a moment ago? The answers are signals born in sensors and detectors, transmitted via identified network to a central station where all datas are processed in real-time. In case the risks and threats can be outsourced, simplified or supervised by 3rd party protocols, all emergency procedures can also be tailored accordingly, immediately providing benefits of more secured layers earned together with lower costs and decreased risk levels – for the sake of secured production and quality.

As of 2012 Kerberos is the supervisor and monitoring responsible for high definition systems manufactured by Comet in Europe, installed in Vientiane, Lao PDR. The system integrated consists of:

  • temperature sensors and management devices (Comet)
  • local monitoring head unit (Comet)
  • interface to communicate with Kerberos servers (NESS)
  • transmission and communication technology (TELL Hungaria)
  • monitoring server (SURETEK)
  • monitoring protocols and dispatch service (CAMS)
  • notification interface and modem (SURETEK)

Kerberos set up individual contactID matrix for the developed Comet status outputs, identified alarm events and set up a monitoring account accordingly. Now any breach of process regulation at the monitored site triggers an alarm event and is handled according to pre-set measures:

  • notification of appropriate contacts
  • perform remote actions to avert failure (inform patrols and personnel on duty, collect informations, etc)
  • check if actions expected are taken and executed fully
  • confirms event accordingly
  • reporting and reset
  • administration

The sensitive part of the project is the appropriate understanding what is to be considered an event, and how to proceed with the informations received once an event is triggered. For this purpose Kerberos designed exclusive contactID code table, set it up for appropriate communication and hereby establishes safe communication bridge within seconds after event to link the site, appropriate contact of client and monitoring center even if they are on 3 different continents of the world. Comet offered developed monitoring and interface designs and equipments, while TELL supplied new generation of transmitters, SURETEK server is responsible for receiving event signals and for database, finally Kerberos had the best part: to “cook the soup” of all the quality ingredients.

Vientiane 2012

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