New version of Building Integration System from Bosch

Bosch Security Systems introduces a number of updates to its Building Integration System (BIS). The new version increases the range of supported devices, making it suitable for even the most complex integration projects.

Multi-biometric technology, dual-finger & face recognition

D-Station’s Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology™ is a perfect blend of fingerprint and face recognition technologies which delivers incredible matching accuracy and speed ...

Where are your vehicles now?

Our state of the art vehicle tracking systems uses GPS technology for locating the vehicle. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via a simple website on the Internet...


Kerberos EasyTRACK system in FAO vehicles

Late 2010 Kerberos and FAO in Lao PDR signed agreement about providing vehicle monitoring solution to FAO vehicles and motorbikes. After years of tests and evaluation the previously chosen EasyTRACk system offered all capabilities what was expected on the Lao market, also greatly fulfilled strict standards expected by UN. The system installed provides wide range of tracking and monitoring functions:

  • fuel level monitoring
  • driver identification
  • gps based vehicle position tracking on web based user / admin interface
  • different flexible user / admin levels for tracking, reporting, programming and setup
  • temperature monitoring
  • RPM monitoring
  • speed and direction tracking
  • wide range of pre-set alarm events: accident notification, panic alarm, theft attempt, etc
  • transmission of installed 3rd party alarm system notifications
  • reporting functions
  • emergency GSM text answer function with coordinates
  • ability of on-board record positions and other informations collected from sensors installed all over the vehicle until reach of covered (GSM) area
  • POI management and related alarm functions
  • dedicated ORACLE server
  • etc

The equipped vehicles can now be tracked in real time from admin office, monthly reports are also offered from fuel consumption trough driver behavior including route reports and events list etc. in any format. In the admin office no special hardwares are to be installed, only a dedicated PC with internet connection and browser was needed after installation and registration.

The system itself has the ability to follow vehicles over the borders (via roaming account of GSM provider opened), or even offers remote disabling functions in case unauthorized usage is suspected – naturally 100% accident safe solutions are offered only. Many functions of tracking device and sub-units can be managed and set up remotely, and absence of GSM data communication also can be bypassed. Kerberos team pays extra attention if a client requires discrete installation – in these cases additional emergency power supplies (as option) are granting the functions of the system even if main power supply of vehicle gets disconnected or exhausted.

Kerberos EasyTRACK service is now running in the Lao PDR since more than 2 years in extended test environment including present project, public introduction is set for January 2013.

Vientiane, 2011 – BPR

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