New version of Building Integration System from Bosch

Bosch Security Systems introduces a number of updates to its Building Integration System (BIS). The new version increases the range of supported devices, making it suitable for even the most complex integration projects.

Multi-biometric technology, dual-finger & face recognition

D-Station’s Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology™ is a perfect blend of fingerprint and face recognition technologies which delivers incredible matching accuracy and speed ...

Where are your vehicles now?

Our state of the art vehicle tracking systems uses GPS technology for locating the vehicle. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via a simple website on the Internet...


New mobile tracking for our Easytrack system in Laos!

Easytrack mobile app

Direction + position + speed = on mobile

Are you a busy company leader and not continuously near a computer, but you would like to monitor your fleet or a specific car live? Do you want to reassure yourself that the shipment is under way and will arrive at its destination in due time? In case you already have an Easytrack subscription you are ready to use the below features – in order to make you more mobile than ever!

Controlling and tracking your fleet was never so easy – now you can leave your desk and office behind without being cut off from just-in-time data or with solution if in need for a live satellite position display of your vehicles immediately for some reason. To the right you can see one of the Kerberos patrol cars in Vientiane, heading to site inspection… our CEO is now happy to follow all the fleet and able to get infos about them or dispatch any of them simply using his phone and being anywhere. We offer even more options to make essential informations available immediately even when out of the office – and not solely to smart-phone users:

On-call position request:

If you immediately want to know the location of your vehicle, you have nothing else to do but call the phone number of the easyTRACK device that is built in the vehicle. The device  interrupts the call and sends the location of your vehicle in an SMS to your phone. This feature is safe and confidential as only authorized numbers are capable to request data from the on-board device.

On-call position display on map:

If you want the location to be displayed on the map you just need to send an SMS to the device which will send a Google link back to you. When clicking on the link the location of the vehicle appears on the map surface. This function is naturally available with mobile phones that are capable of displaying Google Maps through Internet connection.

Mobile apps for live tracking:

There are also easy to use apps from now on for spotting the location and for the on-line position tracking of your vehicles by iOS and Android smart-phones also by other smart-phones that work with newer operation system. To have access to this type of service you only need online data connection the app and Google maps installed on your device. The downloadable apps to your smart-phones are available for free in the related stores, check them out now!


As of today many private customers and organizations, companies are using the Easytrack system of Kerberos – for those the above features are definitely useful in the every days work. Besides public clients for Easytrack system like FAO, RMAsia more and more fleet operators – asked us to remain confidential about system use in this article – are going for our reliable and controllable system, that does not offer data leaks, easy hack-in or disabling weaknesses like the cheap 40-50 USD devices on the market do. As our system is running on a confidential and dedicated server park environment, secured and granted by the strongest certifications and EU regulations – none of the regional competitors has same or even similar background – both internet data requests and mobile tracking informations remain protected. The system also offers user / operator / admin level access for maximum controlling and tasking.

Important notice: contrary to our competitors you not need to purchase a device to start using Easytrack tracking and communication for your vehicles – what you need is only a subscription for the service, all the rest Kerberos takes care of from installation trough maintenance up to management and central vehicle monitoring services.

Purchase of other hardware is only required in some cases when you need special single use sensors or equipments according to what extension or feature you wish to expand your system with – we offer a wide range of data monitoring and reporting sensors like for instance accurate fuel sensor installed within the fuel tank of trucks, temperature sensor for engine heat / temperated vehicles status report, RPM sensor for rotation monitoring of engines or generators, impact sensors for accident notification, remote triggered engine disable (immobilizer) relay, reporting fuel cap etc).

To read more about features and possibilities included in the Easytrack system please click here, about our fleet management services of Kerberos you can read more here.

Contact us for more informations at any time, our security services department will be more than happy to assist via or our hotline: +856 20 99223030.

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