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Biometric Access Control for Jaguar / Land Rover

Jaguar / Land Rover Front

Jaguar / Land Rover Front

Kerberos finished and handed over the newest section of a complex biometric access control installation at the Jaguar / Land Rover building in Vientiane for RMA.

Complex project for Satri House in Luang Prabang

Inner garden with view pool

Satri House Hotel inner garden with view pool

Kerberos team managed to hand over these beautiful sites after weeks of hard work installing CCTV, fire alarm system and other safety / security appliances in Luang Prabang for the Satri House Hotel. This magic environment really made our work easier. The developed AHD closed circuit television grants a full overview on the hotel premises, including all restaurants, bars, fitness and pools, corridors and service areas. A developed fire alarm system with emergency power supplies was also set up, and all systems are surge protected the same time.

Biometric Access Control System for RMA Laos

Our team completed the first 2 stages of a large scale security project with RMA Laos, by handing over 2 sites equipped with developed SUPREMA biometric access control system. The system is not only protecting the sites from unauthorised entries, but also sourcing time and attendance informations to the central office HR team being connected to the HQ servers. As the project advances our beloved client will have much less headache with enrolment of employees or managing access on different sites, as the access and attendance management of each site will be available from the HQ directly and in real time.

SUPREMA Biometric Access Controller

SUPREMA Biometric Access Controller

NICE automation for a villa in Vientiane

Our team has finished the manufacturing and installation of a swing gate with a NICE gate operator in Vientiane. Our beloved customer also extended its front yard and now the property looks very cool with all the developments! Check out the pictures and do not forget: NICE Laos is running a gate operators and motors promotion for both sliding and swinging gates, don`t miss the opportunity! You can check out the details on facebook:

Installation of gate and motor

Installation of gate and motor

Analog CCTV wiring repairs in Laos by Kerberos

Kerberos Repair Services

repairs & maintenance

Kerberos got many calls in the past months to supply new CCTV system or  to fix an existing 3rd party system as owners were not satisfied with the quality of the footages recorded. It must be mentioned hereby sometimes CCTV footages are to be processed together with a police report of a criminal event, but are often rejected by the authorities due to the low quality – they are absolutely not suitable for the recognition of a perpetrator for example.

After the careful inspection in most cases Kerberos did not immediately attempted to sell a new system but could confirm the CCTV system itself had no significant malfunction besides some settings or firmware upgrade needs – the problem is usually hidden in the wiring networks of the CCTV.